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Stepping into Spring

Hiya all,

So, it has dawned on me that some of you who have subscribed may not be aware that WWSD is on Facebook and Instagram. This is where you can see some wonderful creations which parents are sharing with me.

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Todays activity doesn't need much description, so I will just get stuck in. An Easter tree with decorated egg shells was a tradition in my house encouraged by my Swedish grandmother.

First of all, make a small hole at the top and the bottom of the egg. Blow through the hole and the egg yolk will come out the other hole. If it is proving hard to blow, make the hole slightly bigger. You can collect the egg yolks, and the children can experiment in the kitchen making omelettes or fritatas with all sorts of fun and tasty ingredients.

Next paint the eggs. You might like to do a couple of layers depending on your paint. Try different patterns. You can further decorate them by using things like stickers or rhinestones, get fancy!

You can cover eggs in Elmers clear glue to give them a shiny appearance, but this is not necessary.

Next find some string or ribbon, measure how much you would like your egg to hang down, cut and glue to form a circle. A glue gun is not necessary, but can be purchased for around $6.

Glue ribbons onto eggs and hang on flowers, blossoming tree branches, windows or anywhere that you think needs a bit of color.

Older children, I challenge you to create a scene using eggs as your theme. I have decided to do an 'eggplorer' with a variety of animals all made from blown eggs. Maybe you could make scientists doing an eggperiment! Get creative and most importantly...

Have an eggcellent time!

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