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Spooktacular Halloween Gift

With one week to Halloween I wanted to share a fun alternative to candy that I will be giving my two year old charge this year.

I will also be sharing some tasty treats very soon too!

My two year old adores coloring, and we have been enjoying all the beautiful colors of fall on our daily scooter rides in the crisp fresh air. So I thought I would combine the two loves for this Halloween.

I have made these crayons before, https://www.wwsdblog.com/post/making-crayons but I thought I would get a new mold and create some big beautiful leaves and pumpkins, that will also be a lovely reminder of the colors of fall, once we have lost all our leaves.

This is a fabulously fun activity you can do with your children, and they make great gifts for their friends as Halloween treats too.

I placed about seven crayons in each mold :)

Pre-heat oven to 150F or lowest temperature your oven goes to,

Simply peel the paper off, break the crayons into smaller pieces to fit within the mold.

Place the mold onto a baking tray and bake for 15-20 mins, until crayons are melted.

Leave to cool, then pop out and enjoy!

I love how these fit so nicely in the palm, and the vein details on the leaves.

If you are interested in making some Halloween Crayons as treats for your little ones, these are 1 day delivery, so you still have time!

I'm sure you have plenty of crayons kicking around, but if you need a top up, these have a great collection of fall colors in them.

Needless to say, a ten year old boy isn't interested in crayons, so I have picked up these neat skull silicon ice molds (which is also next day delivery!) and a glow in the dark mask, which I will be gifting instead of bought candy :)

Stay tuned for more Halloween fun ideas!

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