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Sharing the Love

Sharing the love!

Ok so I have some really lovely and exciting things to share with you all today. Things that I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

Firstly, one of my favorite children’s authors, David Walliams is reading a different one of his stories every day, for free! David Walliams is a British comedian but also has written several terrific books for children over the years. One of my all-time favorites is ‘Gangsta Granny’. All his books are brilliantly written and sure to make you and your child smile. I have listened to two of his stories now, and even though they are for children, I still find myself listening and thoroughly enjoying it becoming part of my new routine.

This is the website for daily stories:


These are also two direct links to two stories of his which are also available:

Title of the story:

Spoiled Brad by David Walliams (14 Mins):


The Terrible Triplets by David Walliams (21mins):


I love an audio story, and these do not fail disappoint!

Second lovely thing to share today, is there another fantastic children’s book by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxbury “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”. I LOVE this book, and have bought multiple copies as gifts for children. What I love about this book, is that you can simply read it, or you can act out the book and make it come alive. People who know this book are putting bears in their windows for children to find when out on their walks. This is such a great idea, and I have placed my bear from my brother in the UK in my window for any little eyes looking.

Talking about walking.

Last night I went for a walk around the neighborhood. It had just stopped raining and the air felt so beautifully refreshing. Spring has begun and trees are coming into blossom. Seeing mother nature in full swing really helps eradicate the fears conjuring in the minds. In times when we see another person walking towards us and we must cross the street to avoid contact with them, it can sink the soul. These are tough times indeed. However, my heart felt elevated seeing that in some windows were pictures of rainbows and signs that people had made to bring a smile to fellow folk passing by.

So, I thought to myself, how can we enhance this? (Apart from putting bears in windows, in case we don’t have bears, or windows not visible to the street) How can we make more people smile who may not have seen a sole for days, apart from that stranger who has just crossed the road to avoid them?

I came up with the idea of painting rocks.

This is a simple idea but I’m sure will just be effective as those posters I saw too.

On my walk I gathered up a few rocks, I gave them a scrub and left them to dry.

Then I got my paints out and started getting creative! What I love about this activity is that children can 'paint outside the lines' as they say, they can use stickers, glitter, write messages, they can paint literally whatever they like! Maybe it looks like a scribble to the untrained eye, but look closer and it might just be a dragon in a cave. If you make a mistake *like I did*, then you can simply paint over it, simple as :).

I urge parents to do this activity too. Lets make the world a bit more colorful. These rocks can be picked up by passer bys and exchanged with other beautifully painted rocks, or simply just admired. I have decided to give one of my rocks to a little girl in my building, she doesn't know me, but i see her little chalk drawings often outside, and I have no doubt this rock will bring a smile to her little face. Maybe you can think of someone special who would like to see a little colourful rock? It doesnt cost anything, and its a wonderful way to let people know that you are thinking of them in these tough times.

Happy rock hunting!

* Also, not child related, but I find caffeine an essential part of my day - especially when working with children, and if this is you too I thought you might like to know about this great company. I discovered them about two years ago, you can buy them in the supermarket but I just ordered a batch that arrived today (they also offer a subscription, which is very tempting!) Although not cheap, when Starbucks is shut and you are looking for that little special pick me up in these never cease to do the trick. My husband likes the mocha, which are delicious, but I go for the triple shot to give me that extra kick I need!


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