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Sensory Edible Paint

Today I saw a post that a mum had shared about using yoghurt & food coloring as a backup for not having any paint. This is a really fun and delicious idea, however I wanted to share a paint recipe which is simply fabulous for sensory play which is cheaper, and possibly less wasteful.

Sensory Play is so important for little ones for 5 Key Reasons:

  1. It is incredible in the way that it builds nerve connections within the child's brain.

  2. Sensory play supports all areas of development; Motor Skills, Language, Cognitive, Problem Solving and social development.

  3. By introducing your child to sensory play will help to develop their memory.

  4. Sensory play is also a great tool to help aid calming an anxious or frustrated child.

  5. Sensory play allows children to develop their senses, and develop an understanding of something that is hot or cold, or soft or hard, etc.

In addition to the benefits of sensory play, with this edible paint, you need not have fear if any ends up in their mouths. You can just let them be and let them create their masterpieces!

This paint once made, feels warm and soft, and I'm sure if your little one likes getting messy, they will LOVE this.

So I actually made this two ways- one with corn flour, the other with corn starch to see which is best.

I found that corn starch was much smoother consistency and was almost like custard or pudding.

However, I am going to share with you the result of corn flour too, as if this is all you have in your cupboard, it certainly shouldn't deter you from having this super sensory experience.

Both ways are same amounts of ingredients and procedure.


4 Tbsp Corn Flour

5 Tbsp Water

1 Cup of Water

Food Coloring


1) Mix the corn flour or corn starch with the 5 tbsp. of water to make a smooth paste in a saucepan. Make sure there are no lumps.

2) Add 1 cup of water, mix and heat on medium until it starts to thicken. You will see with the corn starch that parts of the mixture will turn transparent.

3) Take off heat and continue to stir as it will carry on thickening.

4) Separate mixture into separate containers/pots and add food coloring.

5) Time for your little one to explore! Since both ways creates a different texture, you could always try both ways!

Corn Starch Painting:

Corn Flour Paint:

Happy Monday!

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