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Scavenger Hunt & Nature Crowns

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Spring Scavenger


Scavenger hunts are enjoyed by all! I am happy to send simple templates via email, but depending on the ages of your children, I recommend you adapting it for the different ages.

For the younger years who can’t quite read yet you can use this opportunity to draw pictures and illustrations with the words. This will allow children to get used to the different letters and shapes of words. In addition to this, they can learn to match which is a crucial skill for them to learn.

Fore the slightly older children, you could possibly ask them to read the items and ask them to draw the pictures themselves, this will develop their fine motor skills. It will allow you to see their knowledge and understanding of the world around them, do they know what an acorn looks like? Do they know the difference between a daffodil and a daisy?

For the older children who need something more challenging, try and think outside the box. Think of your area outside. If they are into cars, can they spot possibly a Tesla? Can you talk about electric vehicles, and discuss the effects of global warming?

The possibilities are endless. I have been thrilled to see 9-year-old boys enjoy this hunt just as much as their five-year-old sister.

This is just a simple way to making an essential walk in the fresh air, free, simple and fun!

Added bonus if you find any trash and collect it up. The person with the most trash wins!

Top After Walk Activity:

Whilst on walk, encourage children to gather items in a bag such as small flowers, small sticks, long pieces of grass, acorns, what ever takes their fancy!

Once home:

Lay out all your treasures on a table

Using cereal boxes, brown paper bags, or card. Create a long rectangular strip that when bent round, will be long enough to wrap around your child’s head. You will be making a crown.

Leave the card straight for now and using tape, let the children stick on all their items wherever they think looks good. The of course can use their colors and maybe draw pictures of the things they saw too, like a lady bug.

Once complete, it is ready to wrap and tape into a circle.

Your child has just created a nature crown from the fruits of their walk.

*** Family members who are wanting to skype. You can do this activity too…. Arrange with the child what time you are both going to go on your walks (separately of course) Step out into your garden, take a stroll around the block, go for a walk in a park. Collect items you would like on your crown. Once home, you can skype/FaceTime with the children and you can make the crowns together. Ask them what they found on their walk, where did they find that snail shell? Wow! What a beautiful little pebble! Have fun creating your crowns together and then you can both have a snack at the end of the activity where your crowns together.

Happy Hunting!

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