• Sarah Dann

Rainy Days

As beautiful as fall is, it certainly brings plenty of rainy days, and like from the book 'Madeline', at half past nine, come rain or shine, we are out the door.

There is a saying, "There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes" and I couldn't agree more.

I believe that it is fundamentally important for children get outside every day. Even when they are poorly, I like to wrap them in a blanket and pop them in the stroller so they can get some fresh air on their cheeks.

Above all the advantages for getting outside every day, I believe it teaches children to appreciate nature which is vital for its success.

I was stopped so many times the other day by passers by who all absolutely adored my charges rain boots, so I thought I would share them.

The reason why I love these rain boots is that unlike most they are so incredibly light, so children are not clumping around in something that makes them ungainly, plus they are super easy to put on and remove.

Crocs, I take my hat off to you for creating such child friendly boots, I only wish these were around when I was smaller!

When it comes to rain jackets, I prefer an all-in-one suit, so their little pants don't get wet if they stumble and fall, or even just make enormous splashes in the puddles! After all, no-one likes a wet bottom.

This Amazon number 1 seller, is an exceptional waterproof suit and again comes in many bright colors and a handy bag to make it easier for packing away for when you aren't using it.

Of course, there are times when a rain jacket is all that is needed, and this is always a crowd pleaser and looks great with the yellow rain boots.

Keep dry and head out to seize the day!

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