• Sarah Dann

Hairy Eggs

Growing plants is hugely satisfying and exciting for children, and for those who planted slices of tomatoes from last weeks blog, you may be notcing little leaves sprouting up. Mine have started growing today!

Cress is a wonderful plant, as its seeds are inexpensive and it grows so rapidly, your child will be able to see changes every day.

Firstly. You will need to save egg shells from breakfast or baking. Next ask your little ones to draw happy faces on them, or any emotion they choose.

To grow hair for your headless eggs, simply wet a paper towel, place it in a plastic container that has a lid. Sprinkle the wet paper towel with cress seeds.

I have only sprinkled a few, but the more seeds you use, the more hair your eggs will have!

Once satisfied with the amount of seeds, place the lid on container and put in a warm, well lit area.

Within 24 hours, you will be able to notice the seeds germinating. Within 48hrs your seeds will have little green leaves. Look carefully and will even be able to see the root hairs.

Next you need to prepare your smiley egg shells.

Fill the shells with potting mix almost to the top.

Carefully cut a circle in the paper towels to fit the circulfrance the egg shell.

Place circle of paper towel with the seedlings on it in the egg shell on top of the potting mix.

Lightly cover the paper towel and roots with potting mix. Ensure the green leaves are not covered.

Water and leave in a warm, light place.

The new roots will anchor into the soil, and your stems will become stronger and stand tall within the next day.

May their little happy eggs bring them as much joy as mine do.

Happy Planting!

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