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Growing food

It's the third day of earth week, and although I have covered growing tomatoes and ginger in the "developing little green fingers" post, growing your own food is so important to teach children. In addition, it helps the environment, so it's a perfect activity for Earth Week.

I wanted to share a few more veggies you can easily grow from the produce that you may have sitting in your fridge.

* Note: Place all your pots in a warm place with non-direct light.

* All pots should have good drainage.

* Place potting mix into the pot, then which ever vegetable you choose from below, and then lightly cover with more potting mix and water.


Peppers are full of little seeds that you can easily scrape off and plant.


For those who missed the previous blog. Slice tomatoes and put in potting mix, lightly cover.


Just like tomatoes, slice up and place in potting mix and lightly cover with more potting mix.

*Note Cucumbers can take a few weeks to sprout.


Cut the base off the celery and place in a dish with a small amount of water. Or place tooth picks in the base of the celery stump, so the toothpicks can rest of a glass with water just touching the base of the celery. The celery will start to sprout a new celery plant

Happy Gardening!

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