• Sarah Dann

Flower Pot

As promised, here is another mothers day gift idea that is sure to brighten any mothers day.

A colorful plant pot!

Whether you grow a plant from your own seeds, or pick up a small plant to put inside your pot, this will look great on a desk, windowsill or kitchen countertop.

What your little one will need:

* Popsicle Sticks

* Take-away pot

* Paint * Glue

* Ribbon (optional) to tie around the plant pot as a gift.

* Soil & Plant/seeds.


* Make small holes in the bottom of your pot to allow drainage.

* Cut popsicle sticks to the length of your pot.

* Paint the popsicle sticks and glue to container.

* Place in your soil and plant, and hey presto! Mums have a little gift to show that their little ones love grows every day!

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