• Sarah Dann

Easter Egg Hunt

I love a good Easter hunt, but something I don't like are all those little plastic eggs. I look at them for sale in the store and think about how they aren't recyclable. Of course many people save them to reuse, but I wanted to offer an alternative.

This may also help those who have not been able to get to the shops to buy the little plastic eggs.

These also make lovely Easter decorations to have around the home.

Simply cut egg shapes out of card, decorate them, then atatch popsicle sticks, or even sticks from your garden to poke into plants around the house, or a little bit of tape or bluetack to stick them in various places.

Instead of getting a little toy or candy which they normally would get, they can collect all the eggs, and then receive the prize.

However like I said, this may be a fun easter day activity just to decorate the house more in celebration!

Happy Easter Everyone!

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