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DIY Kitchen Oven

Hi Folks!

With 2000 views on my blog in just over 3 weeks, I am BLOWN away! WOW!

Those who follow on Facebook or Instagram (@wwsdblog) would of seen the exciting news yesterday. Those who missed it, here's what happened.

An incredible person in Australia reached out to me and asked if he could use my Hairy Eggs activity in this small downloadable book of sensory activities. Clearly, I responded with a big Yes! The book has now been published and can be found on their website:


I can't believe I am part of helping people in Australia, we really are all in this together!

Also more news, I am also on Twitter: wwsdblog.

Today I wanted to bring something simple & easy that will provide plenty of entertainment. Diaper (nappy) boxes are great for this activity!

DIY Kitchen Oven:

The pictures are pretty safe explanatory, but a couple of notes:

I cut the flaps off one side of the box, and then used them to cut out the hot plates on top of the oven.

For the handle, I stacked and glued some small squares of cardboard, then glued a big round piece of cardboard on. However you could simply just cut a small finger hole for your child to be able to pull the door open.

The shelf is simply just more cardboard that is being held up with tape.

I haven't painted and decorated it, as I always want to show that you don't have to go above and beyond to create something your child will get plenty of joy out of. However, I have no doubt little ones will have fun painting their new oven their favorite colors.

Saucepans are measuring cups!

Happy Recycling Boxes :)!

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