• Sarah Dann

Chalk Paint

Chalks have been a savior in these days of being home bound. Every piece of ground has been covered in letters, numbers, rainbows, pictures of frogs, snails, cats, dogs... the list is endless. Then we wash it away with the watering can and start all over again when the ground is dry.

Today I thought it was time to spice it up a little and make our own chalk paint.

I used a simple recipe for washable sidewalk chalk paint:

* Corn Starch

* Baking Soda (This will help it look chalky, but you can make this paint without it)

* Water

* Food Coloring

* Containers to become the paint pots. So you will need as many as the amount of colors you are planning to make.

*Paint Brushes

Firstly mix equal parts of corn starch with baking soda in each of your containers. Slowly add water until you get the consistency of poster paint. Then all that is left to do is add the food coloring and mix! Then paint away with your new chalk paints you just made, and watch them turn to chalk as they dry.

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