• Sarah Dann

Bubble Painting

Children are always told, don't blow bubbles in your drink. Well... what if they were told to make as many bubbles as they can! Sounds bubblerific right.

To do this simple fun activity, simply mix a tsp of dish soap with a tsp of paint and a small dash of water.

Simply mix all three components in a cup or small container, and using straws blow into the mixture.

When bubbles start to rise above the rim of the glass, place paper onto on glass to soak up the bubbles.

You can also play around with quantities of paint if you feel your bubbles need more depth in color. However, it is important to note that when bubbles are wet on the page, they will appear paler in color, but as your child's art dries, the bubbles will become more vibrant.

Happy Blowing!

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