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Bird House

Updated: May 11, 2020

Happy Saturday!

Those who follow me on Facebook will know I have been asked to be part of this group for 6 weeks which will be providing activities. There will be a different person for each of the following topics: Cooking, Disney projects, cardboard, herbs and I will be in charge of outside activities! We are from all over the globe, Austria to UK to USA and many more countries! It is incredible how small the world is now and we are working together to provide some really fun activities.

If you would like to follow, the link is on my Facebook page: wwsdblog. https://www.facebook.com/wwsdblog

So with that, I thought what did I want to start off with? It didn't take long to decide I wanted to make a bird house. This week I saw my first ever woodpecker and it was incredible! Watching the amount of busy birds fluttering around and teaching the names of the various birds to my 2 year old charge fills my heart with such joy.

What you will need for this activity:

* Milk or Juice Carton

* String * Glue

* Collection of sticks, leaves, flowers or anything else your little one finds on their walk. You can paint it too!

Little tip:

I glued a long stick along the top of the carton which over hung both sides, then I tied the string to this.

Another fun bird activity is to make this all natural bird feeder made in a previous post :)! https://www.wwsdblog.com/post/all-natural-bird-feeder

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