• Sarah Dann

All Aboard!

Happy Saturday everyone!

This one is for all those little train enthusiasts.

This activity can be small and simple, or big and complex. It is easily adaptable to whatever cardboard resources you have and how creative your child wants to be.

You might want to simply tie two shoe boxes together with string. The end result is the same. Your child will have tons of fun taking all their special little friends on their own personal train ride around the house. The only hard bit will be choosing who gets the first ride.

There are no fixed instructions for this activity, since it depends on what cardboard you have available and what level you wish to proceed to. However, these are a couple of things that I did which may help:

I used thinner card for the engine part of the train so it was easily malleable.

If you are placing on a chimney. Cut to size a toilet roll, with small slits in the end to form little tabs, as this will make it easier to attach. I then placed cotton wool balls inside to resemble steam.

Make a hole for the string in the train and the carriage, thread string through holes and tie knots.

Ensure this is done before sealing the train section up.

For those looking for a challenge, you can use straws as an axel to turn the wheels, but this is not a necessity. Your train will still slide along the floor easily.

Decorate train with markers, crayons, paint, stickers, numbers or letters. Let their creative juices flow.

Teddy is taking a trip to a new window to sit in :)

Happy chugging my fellow train friends :)

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