• Sarah Dann

5,4,3,2,1.....Blast Off! Go Bear GO!!!

Bear is ready for an adventure!

What you will need:

* Cardboard Tube (As you can see I have also made a little rocket ship out of a toilet roll)

* Paint

* Paint Brushes * Cardboard (I used pizza boxes) * Glue * Aluminum (Aluminium) Foil

* Scissors

* Stapler

Step 1:

Paint the tube.

Cut out three triangular fins for the rocket and fold one side of triangle to form a tab . Cut half way down on the tab, and bend each tab in a different direction. Glue on tube. Alternatively, you can paint the fins first.

Step 2:

Glasses: Cut out a sunglass shape on cardboard, make sure the sides are long enough to reach around your bears head. Glue to aluminum foil and cut out again. Staple two ends together, and slide onto your bears head.

Step 3:

Make a hole in the tube for your bear and pop him in. He's going to go where no bear has been before!

Step 3:

Making the cone. Depending on the size of your tube, will depend on how big you will want your cone. Either way the directions are the same :). Draw a circle and cut along the radius. This will allow you to form a cone shape. Just like with the glasses, cover with foil and cut out. Form the cone shape and staple.

You are now ready for take off!

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