Hello, I'm Sarah, a Norland Nanny

Born in Spain, with triple nationality England/New Zealand and American residency. I grew up in Kent, England and I have been in the United States for the past seven years, and have worked with a variety of families all across the country.  I now want to provide a service which can help even more families achieve their goals with their children but are unsure on how to do this. Whether it be through better eating, establishing good meal time routines, helping you to get the best out of these troublesome times, or any other questions or advice I can give you. Nothing is too big or too small! I will do my best to find the solution that will work with your child's individual needs.

I have over 10 years of experience with a large variety of children including various special needs. Before embarking on my journey, I attended Norland College, where I received a distinction for my work. Norland College is located in Bath, England which was established in 1892 by  Emily Ward. Norland College is a world famous college that specializes in childcare and  education.


I do not claim to have all the answers, but over the past 10 years of being a fully qualified Norland Nanny, I have encountered many challenges with the families and children I have worked with, all of which I have managed to overcome with hard work and a smile. I love reading about new studies, and being able to incorporate that into my role as a professional nanny. There are many parental guidance books, people with their own advice and experiences, who have different approaches and it can become very confusing to parents on which is the best path for them and their child. I will always welcome all types of parenting styles, I'm not here to say the way you are doing it is wrong, I will never compare, every child is different and no-one knows your child better then you do. I do believe though through open communication, I will strive to assist your family needs and help you achieve those goals you are looking to achieve. Fear not of what your query may be about, you can almost guarantee I have seen things you wouldn't believe.

If I feel what you are asking is out of my area of expertise, I will work diligently to find someone who will be able to help you.


Norland Nannies are world employed by a host of different families including many of the rich and famous. 

My time at Norland College was an unforgettable experience where I learnt how to strive to provide the best possible care for your children.

Let me bring all the things I can offer as a Norland Nanny into your life!

Sarah Dann

Norland Nanny